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Fossil fuels are being used for heating appliances and for running the vehicles since the inception of the industrial revolution. Fossil fuels are mixtures of a hydrocarbon containing different numbers of carbon. Nowadays usage of LPG in transportation has increased due to the cost factor.

LPG manufactures blend strong odorant along with LPG to detect the leakage. By conducting regular tune-ups, we provide you stress-free drive with enhanced performance of your vehicle.By utilizing propelled instruments and gear, we conduct an inner examination and cleaned the valve string and fixed the surface.

We conduct thorough external Inspection to detect any cuts, pits and lines, scratches or lumps, and erosion. We thoroughly conduct LPG tank pressure to ensure your security.

Our LPG repairs include:

  • LPG Gas conversions for all types of models, including Injection Systems and now Diesel injection (cars, 4WD’s and light trucks only)
  • LPG gas tuning, servicing, and repairs
  • General car mechanical repairs
  • LPG road worthies and LPG tank testing

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